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Pay Attention to China: Mining Bullish Market Could Come Soon

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China’s mining indicators could be behind of an upcoming rally for mineral commodities and mining stocks in global markets. Many publications online are arguing that the conditions are almost set in the Asian superpower to trigger a huge hike in the mining sector. According to Capital Economics, a London-based research and consulting firm, China’s industrial [...]

The existence of Gold in space

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Based on facts, there is a humongous amount of gold in space, one study of an asteroid in particular reveals that within its core lies precious metals worth a minimum of $20 trillion dollars. The NEAR (Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous) spacecraft that passed the Eros asteroid revealed that the 33 X 13 KM banana shaped [...]

Iron ore prices causing chaos. Company deception suspected.

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The Australian Government budget is having serious problems related with the collapse of the iron ore prices. According to Mr. Tony Abbott, Australia Prime Minister, the recent adjust to the budget for the next four years represents $30 billion and with it, several cut in many areas. Now is the economic sector who will suffer [...]