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Gold Market Manipulation: The FED’s House of Cards

The internet, as the freer expression media, works as the main channel to many economists and financial experts who are totally disagree with the actual measures and policies of the bigger financial entities in the world, as the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Central Bank and others similar whom have the enough power to inflict at will in the global economy.

Another type of institutions is also questioned. The major private financial firms in the world had an undisputed cloudy side. JPMorgan Chase, Merryl Lynch (Bank of America), the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Deutsche Bank, PNB Paribas, the widely hated Citigroup Inc. and many others are constantly attacked by the free media and, sometimes, by big news companies.

Is widely known that the “too big to fail” banks in the US are often caught doing very wrong things that impact in the global economy and the lifestyle of the lower social classes. Besides this, these group of elitist firms are often more powerful than governments. In this subject, we can mention the quid pro quo relationship between the FED and the elite of the banking industry.

The US Dollar is the main interest for this organisations and eventually they act as a team to defend it. According to many intellectuals in the subject, the FED is acting illegally with the help of many financial institutions in order to suppress the gold prices, maintaining the US currency’s hegemony. This is being executed through many ways on the markets. The manipulation, according to experts, works like this: the Federal Reserve use allied bullion banks to sell a massive quantity of gold future contracts, pushing down the prices with an elevated offer and triggering stop-losses orders.

The critics claim to have much evidence of it. By now, it seems logical and evident certain kind of manipulation inside the gold market. But the entire house of card will collapse at any moment. China and other Asian buyers had started a new trend: request, with no conditions, the delivery of the bought gold. Normally, investors requested the banks to store their gold purchases because security motives and other extra costs related to transporting. Now, thanks to the crescent distrust in the financial industry, many investors are requesting the gold delivery.

That cause many severe problems to this manipulative institutions, mainly the FED, who is the head of the entire scheme. In fact, the FED has been achieving its goals to the moment. The prices of the precious metals are suffering to the actual day and the US Dollar is growing and growing, turning unbeatable against any other currency. Every investor would choose this currency over any other. That’s the actual spirit of the situation, but, all this can change any time thanks to the risky FED’s gold manipulation scheme.

In the background, there are several events that evidence the huge influence of the FED in the gold prices, any of those times looking for protecting their currency. It must be known that the FED is pushing the demand with COMEX uncover futures. “Uncover” means that those future contracts have not an underlying physical gold to deliver to the buyer. What happen if all the buyers start to request their physical gold?

That’s starting to happen. So banks and bullion dealers are “lending” each other their client’s gold so supply the buyers’ requests. Also, countries are starting to open the eyes in front of this scheme. A few years back, Venezuela was the first country to request the delivery of its gold reserves in foreign vaults. The FED delay this delivery all it can. Germany requested the same shortly after and the FED had to say “no”.

These are reliable proof of the illegal scheme and the upcoming disaster. The FED and its allies in this project are running out of your and the demand of physical gold is increasing. If the house of cards collapses, the US Dollar will collapse too, sky-rocketing the gold prices to historic heights.