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Pay Attention to China: Mining Bullish Market Could Come Soon

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China’s mining indicators could be behind of an upcoming rally for mineral commodities and mining stocks in global markets. Many publications online are arguing that the conditions are almost set in the Asian superpower to trigger a huge hike in the mining sector. According to Capital Economics, a London-based research and consulting firm, China’s industrial […]

As it is: the Precious Metals Market Predicament

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A few concerns that have become prominent in association with the gold market over the last 24 months will without doubt continue to play its hand right through 2016 with the first being the strong U.S. dollar which has placed an enormous amount of pressure on the prices of the precious metal. This is because, most of […]

The Silver Lining

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Ask any investor about what are their contingencies towards handling the current bearish stock market and most would reply without blinking that they are looking at safe havens. Safe havens such as real estate and gold are the primary choices, but as most people know they are expensive and capital intensive, most forget that there […]

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